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Saturday May 7, 2005
We didn't get back to the Netherlands for just a vacation. No, we went back to the Netherlands for "The Wedding, Part 2". I told Catherine that if we would get married we would have 2 weddings. One in Canada and one in the Netherlands and I didn't really needed to convince her after I said that she could wear her wedding dress for the 2nd time and so it happened.

The second wedding took place at Castle Vaeshartelt on the edge of Maastricht, my home town. It is easy to describe the party in one word: "Great". Marco is a friend of mine and he was the DJ at the party but besides him we also had a band play at our party there: the Hub'n Bub'n who were able to lift the party to another level. I am sure you are all waiting to see the pictures of Catherine doing the clog dance :) Again, the party was great. The beer was flowing and there was plenty of food. And then all my friends of whom some I hadn't seen in a very long time. After the party I was going through the list of people with whom I wished I could have talked more but that list was getting so long that I realized that it was simply impossible for me to talk to everybody as much as I wanted.

Did I tell you that this was one of the safest wedding parties ever? Mr. Bush, yes THE mister Bush, landed just 10 kilometers north of the castle at the same time when the party was starting. He was in town for the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II and the complete police force and military was out in full force. In our castle there were plenty of journalists, who must have tired the next day because the music was loud, but also the mobile unit of the police was stationed here. The next day we had problems crossing the bridges over the highway since mister president was using them. All what we saw of Bush was "Airforce 1" when it flew over us taking him to his next destination.

Anyway, the second party was a lot of fun. Thanks everybody for celebrating with us. Especially to ones who came from far like Catherine's family but we also had people form Scotland and Germany and from all over the Netherlands. Thanks to Marco and the Hub'n Bub'n for enhancing the atmosphere at the party. It was great and thanks to my parents who helped me a lot to with putting this party together. Now I just need to convince Catherine that we need a 3rd wedding...

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