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Saturday June 18, 2005
The last weeks our Saturday looked like this: get up early in the morning (today it was 5:50), go out for a run with Canada-fit (8 miles today), get home, shower, clean the house and welcome guests in the afternoon\evening for dinner. We are happy to entertain though since we finally have a place where we can entertain. My old buddies Will and Andrew were over with their ladies (and kid and dog). It was funny to see all of us at the table. I guess we are all growing up. Eight years ago the 3 of us would have met at a pub for a beer. Nowadays we needed a big table to seat us all for a dinner at my home (but still with a beer of course). How things change.

Although we still want to have many of our friends over, we think that we want to keep next Saturday for ourselves. Predictions are that Catherine is sleeping on the couch at 9:30 (unless she can stay awake for "Jamie's School Dinners")

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