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Saturday July 9, 2005 - Sunday July 10, 2005
Saturday started off with a benchmark run with Canada-fit at 7 in the morning. Man, that sucked. I hadn't been running a lot in the last 2 weeks and it showed. It must have been (one of my) slowest long run ever. But nevertheless, I completed the 9 miles.

Got home, showered and left the house again. For my (upcoming) birthday my family-in-laws gave me a golden ticket for the Molson Indy. Okay, I asked for that ticket since I had been thinking of going but being the cheap person that I am, I would have never paid for it myself but in the form of a gift...

I had been to the Molson Indy once before and this time I got reminded again that a champ car event is so different than a formula 1 race. Very simple said, I have the impression that for a Formula 1 weekend people go to see the Formula 1 race but for the Molson Indy people got for the whole event and the race is just a part of it.

It is complete testosterone event as the following picture shows and there are many food stands and beer gardens complete with a big stages. You can go there and never see anything of the race and still say that it was a great event.

Just to emphasize that the race is really not that important: when I got home I watch the news on the channel that had broadcasted the race earlier. Of course they had an item about the Indy and they mentioned that the local favorite, Paul Tracey, had ended his race when he ran out of fuel. However there was some Canadian glory since a Canadian driver finished 3rd and they even showed an interview. But when the item ended and talked how great an event it had been they hadn't mentioned who had won the race! That just seems to be ridiculous to me.

Was it good? Yes, it was enjoyable and a good experience. Will be there again next year? No, I might go again in a couple of years but it's not Formula 1. Sorry.

PS The winner was Justin Wilson, former F1 team mate of Jos 'the Boss' Verstappen.

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