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Monday August 1, 2005
It had been 2 years so it was time for it again: the big purge. In other words: cleaning up all the files on my computer. First I had to save the files I wanted to keep such as the pictures and I have to tell you: being able to write everything to a DVD makes life a lot easier. Can't believe how cheap DVD disks have become. It just makes sense to use DVD's instead CD-Roms.

I initially wanted to install the bigger hard drive myself but after opening the machine I realized that I couldn't be bothered. Too many wires made it too easy to screw up. So I had the company do it where I had bought the computer. Only 35 dollars and it included a data transfer. Once I had my computer back, it was time for the big format. Created a few partitions, updated the BIOS and went through all the Windows Updates (I think I had to reboot at 4-5 times). Then it was time to re-install all the programs that I need followed by installing the upgrades for these programs. It will take some time before I have installed everything I need. At least I was able to restore all my outlook express folders and the address book, so my e-mail is back up.

And that's one of the things you can do on a long weekend...

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