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Sunday August 28, 2005
The rights for the Dutch premier soccer league, de eredivisie, have moved from the Dutch public broadcasting company to a brand new commercial channel. Now it happens that this channel is also being broadcast over the internet. So this weekend I have been watching this channel and have seen more Dutch League soccer in one weekend than I have seen in the last 10 years.

Now I don't know how long this is going to last because I can't imagine that the internet broadcast is going to be around forever. I don't think they are even allow to show it.

But there is a solution. Since today we own a satellite dish and the only reason for that dish is because we now can receive a Dutch channel. Okay, it's kinda useless for Catherine but not for me :) This channel, BVN, broadcasts a collection of Dutch and Belgian TV program from the public system and that includes "Studio Sport". On top of that they also broadcast a 1-hour soccer show with all the highlights from the Dutch league every Monday. Now that's makes me very very happy.

I should mention that we also have the first blinds in the house and that makes both of us happy (and probably also the neighbors :)

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