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Thursday August 11, 2005
More geek points for me. I attended a meetup with several hosts of G4TechTV. I just started watching that network recently and I actually like it. True, some of the hosts of the shows are Beavis and Butt-head kind people who confirm everything about geeks but fortunately there are some 'normal' people there. "Call for help" is one of the better shows and I particularly like the host Leo Laporte, who also does a good podcast called "this week in tech".

I guess about 150 people showed up and all the various 'internet\tv celebrities', including Leo, were freely walking around talking with everybody. Was it what I expected? Can't say so. I don't consider myself a groupie and definitely never want to see myself to become a groupie of any TV show or TV channel. I am not the person who 'needs' to talk to these people. I was more hoping for an open forum but hey, everybody seemed to like it and of course everybody was taking pictures so who am I to complain. There were even people there who came from far (Montreal, Connecticut) for this. So while it wasn't a great experience for me, it was still kinda cool to attend such a meetup.

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