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To VOIP or not too VOIP
Short and simple: I am not crazy about phoning somebody. When the phone rings I hope Catherine answers it and if I need to talk to some one I prefer e-mail or face-to-face. But I got enthusiastic about the following service: Voipbusters. It's a software program just like Skype except that you can unlimitedly call a landline in many countries from your computer after initially paying 1 euro. If you don't want to pay that euro you can still make the phone calls but you will be cut off after 1,5 minute. I tried it and it was able to call my own phone number (Imagine me yelling downstairs for Catherine to pick up the phone while she is wondering why I don't pick up the phone since she is cooking and there is a phone right in front of me). Sound quality was good. Only a slight delay. This weekend I want to try to call my parents back home but I would be surprised if it wouldn't work. It's almost too good to be true so keep in mind that it's still in beta stage and it's not clear at this point how it's going to work in the future but after all it was only 1 euro for me so not much too lose. (update: I called my parents and it actually worked better than expected. Hardly any delay)

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