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Wednesday August 31, 2005
Guess more people where checking out the gas prices
Good thing I put some fuel in the car yesterday evening for 'only' 96,2 cents since somebody decided that the prices should be 20 cents higher today. The same station I used yesterday sold it for 119,6 cents this morning. In other words: the value of our car just went up since it contains a full tank of gas.

See, I don't have any big problems with the high prices. I might make people think twice before they take their car for every little thing and maybe, just maybe, it might have a positive effect on the air pollution.

However, those big price jumps drive me crazy. To me it just seems irrational. What if all the prices would jump 20% all of a sudden. It just doesn't make sense.

(Picture caption: I guess more people where checking out the gas prices online since the website with the gas prices in the Toronto area had issues)

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