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Friday September 9, 2005
No, this is not our latest renovation project or the result of Catherine trying to park the car. It's the result of a backhoe turning it's butt into our house...

Catherine got the phone call around noon and since then we both couldn't focus on work. So we left early because had no idea about the amount of the damage. It was kinda heart breaking when we saw it to be honest. It looks like that not a huge portion of the corner was hit by the backhoe, which was working on the empty lot next to our house. However a wall is not the most flexible thing on this planet so you can see cracks at several places. The front window will probably need to be replace and it's the same story for a large section of the wall itself. Our insurance adjuster has already seen it and we can expect an engineer over in the upcoming days for an inspection.

It's not something that is going to be fixed quickly. Certainly not only a cosmetic issue. But there is no hole in the wall and the house is livable. It's just going to be an inconvenience but what can you do? It's not that we were in control of it. Somebody else screwed up and those things happen. We just have to make sure that everything will be restored to the original state. But it sucks :(

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