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Wednesday September 21, 2005
Now this makes sense... My print cartridge for my printer ran out of 'fuel' so I ordered new ones from Staples through their web site mainly because I had a coupon. So I placed the order and started waiting for the delivery. Now Staples uses their own delivery service and they came to our house twice. But of course that took place during the day when we are normally not there. They left a note on both occasions that they would try again the next day. But after the second note, there was no sign of life from Staples, so I finally called them. Turns out that they automatically cancel the order when you are not at home twice in row. Now that's a great business model: try to deliver the stuff at a time when a lot of people are not at home and then, because the client wasn't at home two days in a row, cancel the order and not tell them this. Of course I am still waiting for the refund 2 weeks after I placed the order. Staples: not the best service for your online shopping to say the least.

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