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Friday October 14, 2005
No, we didn't have to sing the Village People song for our initiation but we have joined the local YMCA. In the summer we are physically active but we slow down for the winter. Therefore we decided the join a fitness gym. We did some research and visited some facilities and in the end the Oakville YMCA won the bid. We liked that were are plenty of machines available at the time when it was the busiest time and I personally like the technogym. With your personal trainer you set up a training program and then it gets stored on an electronic key. When are you going to work out you check in with this key on a terminal. It will tell you what exercises you are supposed to do. Then you go to the machine, put the key in and the machine will read all the necessary values from the key and adjust the machine appropriately. After the exercise, all the information about the exercise will be stored on the key. When you leave the gym you will need to check out and all the information will be stored. That information can be used to alter your training program. High Tech gyms, you have to like it.

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