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Friday October 7 - Tuesday October 11, 2005
Our extended Thanksgiving weekend took place in the Northern parts of Ontario. We visited grandpa and grandma again. Now you understand why I was happy to get the FM transmitter for my iPod. We used it to listen to some stand-up comedy and I have to admit that the drive itself seem to go a lot faster by than normal. So something that we have to continue doing.

A long weekend at Baba and Gigi's place means no shortage of food, domino's and baseball. This weekend I added 'reading' to this list. I bought the illustrated version of the "Da Vinci Code" a few months ago and used this weekend to read it. This might not abnormal but you need to know that I can not remember the last fictional book I read. I might have been while I was still in high school. Doesn't mean I don't read but I only read non-fiction books and the reading mainly happens during vacations.

I enjoyed the book since there are some non-fictional things in there. Of course after reading it I had to go to Wikipedia to find out which things were real and which ones were made up because I can see a lot of people thinking that everything is real.

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