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Friday September 30, 2005 Part II
After all the moving we headed out with some colleagues from Catherine to the Brant House. We don't go out regularly on Fridays at all but the last month it has been happening regularly. Pure coincidence. Anyway, this evening was a trip back in time. Not that I had ever been at this place before but it had been a very long time that had been at a club. And it was weird. Lots of beautiful people, people who wanted to be like those beautiful people and people who were beautiful people 20 year earlier in their life. In some way it was sad but nevertheless interesting to see the "bulls" and the "matadors" fight on the dance floor to impress each other. I like to go for a dance but there was too much testosterone in that room. I almost felt embarrassed when a woman would look my way, afraid that she would think I would be one of the matadors. I am, but I like the bull I married :)

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