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The iPod Blues
So now that I have an iPod, Apple announces the video iPod. Figures...

Having said it, it's not the product I would buy (yet!!). It will be interesting to see how their competitors are going to respond because I think it can be improved. I personally think that the screen of the video iPod is pretty small but I like the concept of watching shows in the GO train. Will be continued.

Interesting is that you can download tv shows to this new iPod but would it really be worth 2 dollars? I mean, it's on your tv for free and you can easily download it for free if you want to. Of course it's illegal. On top of that it also has DRM. DRM is the only reason why I don't want to buy songs from Apple's iTunes store for my iPod. DRM is a security feature so that you can only play a song either with iTunes on your own PC or on your own iPod. Nobody else can use it which I can understand that they would do this, however as a side effect it means that you can only use your own PC to play it or only the iPod. So you can download songs for thousands and thousands of dollars but you might not be able to play our stereo unless you are going to through some hoops (like the transmitter). It means that you will always be dependent on Apple to listen to the iTunes songs. Imagine that Sony would release DVDs that you can watch on a Sony TV. Nobody would want that.

I downloaded a song some time through a competitor of Apple but they are using a similar DRM system. It was free so there was nothing to lose. Then I formatted my machine and added a bigger hard drive. I tried to play the song again last week and yes, it didn't play anymore because there were problems with the licence. It just proved to me that DRM is the main reason for me not to buy a song online. Too bad because I could see myself buying songs.

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