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Tuesday October 18, 2005
Now that all the busy things are behind us and the days are getting shorter and colder, it's time to pick up my online gaming. A couple of buddies are playing Half Life 2 and GTR, a racing game, so I bought these two. I started installing Half Life at 7 and 3 hours (!!!) later I thought the process was finally done. Wrong. Steam, the program that controls the whole installation process and looks after the online gaming portion, crashed and all I was able to do was to uninstall and reinstall Steam again. Then it told me that I had to download another 1,5 Gb of data. You can imagine I was steaming about Steam. What ever happened to being able to play a game 10 minutes after the start of the installation process? It's a piece of crap. (It's Friday when I write this and finally everything has been downloaded... Haven't had the time to see if it really works. I am just afraid it doesn't)

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