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Sunday November 20, 2005
Another weekend comes to an end. A not very exciting one with the exception of Saturday evening where we looking after Ainsley, the youngest Tunney family member, and that went very smoothly. We expected tears for a long time when the parents would leave but one minute after the departure the tears had already disappeared. She was a good girl.

On Sunday we were doing what everybody seemed to be doing: putting up the christmas lights. And no, our lights are not as crazy as in the video. Looks like that collecting all the lights might be a multi-year project for us but you have to start somewhere I guess.

My Freekick team became champions again. It was only on goal difference but it counts. It was a good season since no other Canadian team went further than the Oakville Thunderbirds in the International Cup and we even beat 2 teams from the top Canadian league in the League Cup where we reached the quarter finals. Next year we will be playing in the second highest division.

I also ended up with another toy this weekend: the Dlink Medialounge but no panic: it was a freebie. Now the only problem that I don't have any available slot on the TV. I already have a VCR, DVD player, digital cable box and a satellite receiver attached. So now I am thinking of using it on the TV in the bedroom but that TV is so old that it doesn't have a proper slot so now I am thinking about buying a new TV for the bedroom. Also the thought of finally being able to turn off the TV from the bed is an enticing one...

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