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Sunday October 30, 2005
Sometimes it feels weird when I realize that the place I am currently living will be home for many years. I have moved so many times around ever since I left my parents for university. So I felt that I needed to know the area where I am living in a lot better. Sure I know Oakville itself pretty well (I think) but the area towards Milton and Burlington is still rather unknown territory. That's why we went for a little drive last week and that's why today it was time for another drive for the 3 of us: Catherine, me and my camera. We drove through parts of the Niagara Escarpment and made a stop at Hilton Falls for a nice hike. The fall colours were everywhere and sometimes you just walked through an area that was completely yellow because of the leafs. It was a beautiful autumn day and many people had the same idea as us. Will be continued...

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