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Saturday December 17, 2005
I haven't mentioned a lot about what has happening to the 'hole' in the wall. For the longest time nothing happened and we have learnt that, although I don't like doing it, you need to complain to get some people to get off their asses. Funny how quickly something can happen once you call them several times per week. In the end two estimates were made. One was about 6,500 dollars (which got eventually increased to 8,000) while the other one was 17,000. Even a kid can tell you that this is a big gap and we simply think that one contractor wasn't interested in doing the job. So finally the contractor was selected and this week the first part of the job was completed: the removed all the bricks. Now it's time for the structural engineer to take a look at the damage to all the wood before the contractor can continue their job. In other words, that means making phone calls to the adjuster asking her what the status is. I don't like to be a pain in the butt but obviously that seems the only way to get things moving.

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