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Sunday December 18, 2005
Yes, I am still completely addicted to those 2 online soccer games: Hattrick and Freekick. Can't help but it has been good fun and that's also because my teams have improved a lot over the time. In Freekick the Oakville Thunderbirds, after winning 2 championships in a row, are on top of the second highest division in Canada although that season has just started and today Hattrick's Oakville Thunderbirds claimed their first championship in their existance. Free drinks in the club house for everyone....

All kidding aside. It's fun. Hattrick has more than 700,000 managers so it's certainly a global game. Freekick is a much younger game and is certainly a lot more complicated. It only has 12,000 players but my interest for this game has gone up with the introduction of conditional order. Unfortunately it will make the game even more complicated but I think it adds a interesting twist to the game.

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