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My interest in the upcoming election is way below par. I just don't care. I have said it before and I will say it again: Canadian politics suck despite being better than their American counter part. My biggest beef: no choice. Personally I think it would be better if the liberals would be out of government for some time but then the question is, who should take over? The conservatives scare the hell out of me and although I hope to see the NDP with more seats, they are obviously no government material.

I took a CBC quiz which I highly recommend and it confirmed that Steve Harper and I will never be friends. We only agreed on 2 out of the 12 issues. Even Martin did not score much better (4). Coming from a liberal\socialistic country I am not surprised that I agreed the most with Layton (9) but I think that he is so far on the left to be a good alternative.

And what is the worst part of the upcoming election: we will probably have a new election very soon since no party seems to be able to get a majority. Now isn't this all a huge waste of time and tax money? How much has been wasted and how much will be wasted? The media loves an election so it's not strange they don't spend a lot of attention on this issue. I want the politicians to work on the real issues together. Why can't they? Why can't they create a coalition government? Why do they waste so much energy on bringing the government down or keeping the government alive? Are these questions so strange? Then why is nobody asking them?

The best part of the upcoming election: I won't be home....

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