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Saturday January 14 - Sunday January 29, 2006

"Aloha". That's something we heard a lot the last 2 weeks. Yes, that's right: we were in Hawaii for a nice vacation. Hawaii was on the list op places where I wanted to go to and Catherine had already been there but liked to go back. We also had collected enough air miles (thanks to our trips to Thailand and Europe) so we both could fly for free.

After one night in Honolulu (hotel), we spend 1 week in Maui (hotel). Followed by a few nights on the Big Island of Hawaii (hotel) and finishing it of in Waikiki\Honolulu (hotel).

So what were some things we did: strolling around down town Honolulu, getting up at 2:10 AM to go up to the highest point on Maui to see the sun rise, snorkeling with the fishes and turtles, whale watching, driving on the road to Hana, attending a luau, being on top of a working volcano, walking on lava that is less than 15 years old, driving through the constantly changing scenery, stroll around on the boulevard on Waikiki, visiting Pearl Harbour and the Arizona memorial, lying in the sun on the beach and of course driving all over the islands to discover interesting places.

It was great. I really enjoyed it. More than I expected. The weather was great. We only had 1 rain day although we had some showers on other days but nothing to complain about. The temperature was just the way I like it: warm but not sweaty warm and the temperature wouldn't drop much in the evening so shorts all the time.

Another thing I was really surprised about was the changing scenery. On the Big Island it was the most extreme. Our resort was on the dry side and the environment resembled to what you would see in Arizona. Very dry and lots of yellow colours. But then you would drive 3 minutes and all of a sudden you would see green grass everywhere. Another 15 minutes and everything would look like here in Ontario and if you would continue you could end up in a tropical rain forest. You literally could see 4 different environments in 1 hour.

I didn't want to leave. Who would not want to live on a tropical island with such great weather but duty calls. Plus despite the flight to Hawaii was free and we had a good deal on the resort on Maui, Hawaii is not cheap. However it was worth it and I am glad we went.

I took plenty of pictures and some videos. 800 in total so it might take some time before I have sorted them out but I hope to have them up on my web site soon.

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