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Thursday February 23, 2006
So you think Don Cherry woke up this morning screaming loud? Three European teams beat the Canadians and there are only European teams left in the Olympic Ice Hockey tournament. It must be a nightmare for him. Unfortunately the news of the elimination of the men hockey team overshadowed the many success of the Canadian team and in all honesty they have been doing great.

I have to admit that I am becoming more and more Canadian. I noticed that I am more supportive of the Canadian athletes than ever before. Yesterday I was actually hoping that Cindy Klassen would pull it off. Not that I would be heart broken if a Dutch speed skater would win the gold but still. That might sounds strange giving that I live in this country but after 25 years of only supporting the Dutch athletes, the feeling of not being disappointed that a Canadian athlete would beat a Dutch one was a strange one for me. I guess I have to start using 'eh' a lot more, eh?

But let me make two things clear: First, soccer is by far more interesting than ice hockey and secondly, there is only one national soccer team on this planet that really matters to me and that's the Dutch one!!! Amen.

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