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Sunday March 12, 2006
Well this was the 'Tax' weekend. Spent at least 5 hours on entering the info and then trying to find out what was wrong. I like doing my taxes. Not that the activity is so much fun but because I am getting money back and this year I was expecting an even bigger refund than previous years. Well maybe not... My refund was a lot lower. So there I went through all the papers to figure out what the hell I did.

Turns out that I screwed up when I was diversifying my investments. See, I am part of a savings plan at work and I have set it up so that it is not part of my RRSP. My employer also contributes to it. I have never get RRSP slip for this contribution so I thought it was non-registered either. Wrong, it is. I never get a slip because the contributions get included in the pension adjustments which then gets used to calculate my RRSP limit (are you still there...).

So I sold a part of it so I basically took money out of that registered account and now I had to pay taxes for it. Crap, crap, crap.

I was thinking of buying a laptop with the tax refund. Now I think I still need to buy a laptop just to make me feel better....

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