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Sunday March 19, 2005
During March break we were dog\house sitting again. Yes, besides 2 cats, we were also looking after my mother-in-law's dog. They are really trying to train our parenting skills, aren't they? Overall things were pretty slow this weekend. I went out on St. Patrick's day and it took me awhile to get into a pub. Normally I am not the person to line-up to get into a pub but on St. Patrick's you don't have choice. We actually left one line-up at the Irish Embassy since that line-up was long and not moving at all. We settled in the end at PJ O'Brien. Didn't stay too too late.

On Saturday we received our freezer that we partly bought with a number of The Bay certificates that we received on our wedding day. All we have to say now is: Costco here we come!!!!

Sunday we did a little bit of shopping. I bought some rechargeable batteries for my new MP3 player. I already have the mini iPod, but I wanted a small MP3 player with a flash memory for my work-outs, instead of a bigger player with a real hard drive. So I settled for the Sandisk M230. I bought it on eBay for only 63 dollars in total. It even has a FM radio in it. Not a bad deal.

On Sunday afternoon I was flipping channels when I decided to try out "Rogers on Demand" (we have Cogeco at home) since they normally have some nice free shows (in contrast with Cogeco..). I watch several episodes of "Prime Ministers", a collection of shows about former Canadian Prime Ministers. Learnt quite some interesting information about people who I knew by name but never really knew what they did for Canada. Hey, they don't teach you this in Dutch grade schools....

But now life is back to normal. Well maybe not completely normal when your wife's tummy seems to be getting bigger every day...

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