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Thursday March 16, 2006
Yes, it is official. Catherine and I are expecting our first baby. 2005 was a big year for us but 2006 is going to be even bigger (and I am not even referring to size of Catherine's belly!). We are very excited about it and we are happy to report that everything has been going pretty smoothly.

Some people have asked me when the big day is. I tell them that the big day happened a few months ago :) All kidding aside, the current due date is in the beginning of August. Initially it was August 11th, but today during the ultrasound the lady said that it might be a week earlier. Hey, wouldn't it be a nice birthday present for me on July 31st?

Another thing everybody asks us if we want to know if it's going to be a boy or a girl. Yes, we probably want to know but we probably won't tell anybody. The ultrasound today didn't tell us the sex of the baby or maybe Catherine is just not telling me... For convenience sake, I will try to reference to the baby on this website as a boy. Somehow we think it's going to be boy but that might be because of the nickname that we already have. We actually have a nick name for over a year. So what is the name? Well, we thought it would be easy to have a name that would cover the 3 of us so we call him 'chubby' :) No panic. we are not gonna keep the name when the baby gets born.

We found out about the baby at the beginning of December and although it wasn't a complete surprise, it was a little shock to me. We thought that we had hit the jackpot a couple of times earlier but this month Catherine had been feeling not very well (not baby related). Fortunately quality seems more important than quantity and I remember that I was in a strange state of mind at work on that specific Friday.

It wasn't easy to hide it from people during the Christmas period. Drinks everywhere and Catherine had to turn them down or pass them to me when the other people weren't looking. In January Catherine belly started expanding and I have some pictures from the trip where you can see the change (or did we just have too many cheese burgers...)

We told our parents at the end of the month. Catherine mom is a pro at being a grandma but for my parents it is their first. We got tons of cards and e-mails from overseas to congratulate us. Thanks to you all.

And as the picture shows, we had our first ultrasound today and no, we are not having twins which is a big relief for Catherine. It was weird to see the baby. I have seen ultrasounds before but when you see it moving around, it all becomes very real. There is really a baby growing in Catherine tummy. The person executing the ultrasound was already saying that it was funny baby who couldn't sit still. Ehm, the baby already seems to have my character. Wondering if he will start his soccer career soon...

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