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Monday April 24, 2006
I realise that things have been slow here so it's time for an update. The weekends are still flying by. There is so much I want to do and sometimes I get something accomplished but there is always more to do. We have been moving our computers to the new room. Now we no longer need to share the same monitor and keyboard, Catherine and I can 'nerd' at the same time ;) I find it always a miracle that I know where which cable goes everytime I move the computers. The new room looks nice especially once all the crap that is still lying around is cleaned up. We are going through all our stuff again. Catherine finally decided to throw all her music tapes out. I got rid of mine when I was in the Netherlands the last time. I guess it's the official end for this kind of music carrier for us.

I have been going through all my books and put them in different piles: which needs to be thrown out, which are basement material and which are bookshelf worthy. Made some nice progress and all I have to say is long live the basement.

The baby crib has also been put together but there is still quite some work that needs to be done on the baby room but the lady has been visiting Benjamin Moore so you know what that means.

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