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Wednesday April 5, 2006
If you know a little bit about mathematics, then you know that the chance of winning the lottery is small. Very small. Extremely small. Which is why I never buy lottery tickets. It simply doesn't make sense to buy them. Today I caved in. See, people at work collect some money and buy lottery tickets when there is a big price (which they are not going to win of course). I normally don't participate but I can't help it to think what would happen if they would win. Imagine that they are all collecting their stuff at work because they are going to enjoy early retirement while I am still running from meeting to meeting. I would become the loser of the year. I would blame myself for ever that I didn't participate and just imagine everybody constantly reminding me that I could have been a snow bird instead of go train client. So today for the first time I gave them my 2 dollars knowing that I will never see that money back. I gamble not with the goal to win any money, but to avoid the chance that I won't win anything while others do. Something is still wrong here...

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