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Friday May 19 - Monday May 22, 2006
So that was the long weekend. We went up north again to visit Catherine's grandparents. Yeah, the weather was not great with maybe the exception on Saturday afternoon. I surely could have taken some nice pictures ... if I had taken my camera with me. On Sunday the sun was gone and I even saw some snow flakes. Having said that, the poor weather was probably the reason why traffic wasn't that bad so I guess it was not a bad thing after all.

Our long weekend in Sudbury now seem to consists of some shopping for clothes for me. Unfortunately we also had to visit the windshield repair shop since a stone took a chip out of our front windshield on the way up. I also had some time to play with Grandma's new iMac which was fun since I don't have any OSX experience at all.

I even went out for 2 runs but I need to do that to compensate for the all the food that I stuffed into my mouth.

I also discovered some fun facts about Catherine's grand parents. They have 3 children, 3 grand children and currently 3 grand grand children (but changing soon..). Currently they are living with one of the daughters so that's a total of 3 people in the house. Their phone numbers consists of 3 3's, 2 9's and 2 6's and according to my GPS their house is at 330 meters above sea level. Something tells me they like the number 3 ;)

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