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Monday May 29, 2006
After 4 months Calvin and Max have left the building. No more cat hair, no more cat puke, no more cat poop scoping for me. But I am sure we will miss them since they were everything but shy. Some typical Calvin and Max behaviour:
* In the middle of the night I would wake up and have Max staring at me. He would lie in the bed between me and Catherine just like a child would and he would be there for hours.
* Once the alarm clock went off or before that, he would start licking Catherine's hair, not something she appreciated that much. Max was actually quite sneaky at it since he would move closer and closer to Catherine's hair very slowly.
* Especially when it was still dark in the morning, Calvin would wait for me to go down to the main floor. Every time I would get close to the stairs, he was ready to go down but he would not go down without me.
* Calvin also had the tendency to headbutt my hand when I would put down the bowls with fresh water. Not that he was that interested in the water but he just wanted to be touched.
* We'll never find out what they would do during the day. We can only imagine.
* In general the cats would be waiting for us when we got home. They were either sitting in the front room window or looking outside through the glass next to the front door.
* In the evening, the cats would be close to us. Max would at one point always sit down on either Catherine's or my lap.
* Calvin started to jump on the kitchen table in the last couple of weeks when we were in the living room. We would use the water bottle but I have feeling that it just encouraged him since he loved it when you would spray the water right into his mouth. He was never the cat who just put his face into the bowl to drink water. He just puts his paw in it and licked the water of it there.
* Calvin was also the one who was looking outside through the windows in the back door. It just looked kinda weird with his head poking out and you had no idea where he was looking at.
* Max had to be with you when you were on the computer. He would jump up and stand right in between you and the monitor. He also sometimes would lie down over your two wrists. Makes moving your mouse quite complicated.

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