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I wrote before that I used voipbuster to make my long distance phone calls. This is, as the names says, a VOIP application that I used on my computer to call my parents land line. They had a good deal in the beginning but their rules started to change slightly change (read more expensive) so I decided to try Skype. And I am still using it. I even have my brother using it and once my mother found out that I was talking to my brother using this tool, she wanted it too. So now we are all Skyping. One happy Skyping family...

Skype can be used to have conversation from PC to PC (and the quality is very good) but also from PC to landline and the costs are pretty low. I believe it's something like 2,8 cent per minute to call the Netherlands.

Right now Skype has a special deal. Till the end of the year all the calls within Canada and the USA are free. Nada. Zilch. You got to like that.

If you have Skype installed, feel free add me to your list (my name there is 'braeken') or just press the this button to give me a call:
Call me!

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