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Friday June 16, 2006
Soccer fever is still going on in the Braeken family. Today was the Dutch second game and despite the Dutch boys didn't play well the squeezed a win out of it.

Eight years during the world cup my face was on TV when I gave a smart(ass) answer to the question of the reporter when he asked me how the Dutch could beat the Brazilians. I told that we just had to score more than the opponent. Today you might have seen me in the background of the report of this game on CityTV or Pulse24. Their crew showed up at Betty's on King Street East where the Dutch are hanging out for the games of the orange squad. But don't worry. No question was fired in my direction this time. Just me in the back ground.

And if you missed it, you might see my name in the Toronto Star in the upcoming days since a reporter for this newspaper interviewed me for about 10 minutes after the game. Of course if you would catch it (if it ever makes it), you have to know of course that you can't believe everything what the media writes ;)

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