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Friday June 9, 2006
So the biggest sporting event in the world has kicked off. I know I should have made my web page more orange but I was not smart enough to create style sheets when I created this layout. Oh well. Anyway, all the people behind, 1 person in total, support the Dutch team all the way of course.

This world cup I will be very well informed what is going on with the Dutch national team. Not only can I watch every day 2 Dutch soccer shows on my satellite (namely: het WK journaal and NOS Studio sportzomer), I can also watch another television show, Barend en van Dorp, over the internet. And despite that I keep telling Catherine that she is soooo lucky she is not living in the Netherlands because there would be soccer on TV 24/7.

Two weeks I bought a TV tuner and through I am able to watch the TV feed from home on my computer at work. I have to admit that this is not ideal and it's also not a great quality. For instance the sound is not good and sometimes the picture skips or falls away completely, but it's better than nothing. At least some of the games takes place during lunch time. I have already told my manager and her manager that I HAVE to see the Dutch team no matter what happens. Worst comes to worst, I take a half day off for a game.

The first game for the Orange squad will take place Sunday morning. I believe I can watch the pre-game show on the Dutch channel and then I have to switch to the Canadian broad cast to see the game although I could try to see if I can listen to the Dutch radio broadcast at the same time. It's going to be busy Sunday anyway: 3 games and the F1 British GP.

The other 2 games of the group stage, and hopefully more, I will watch in Toronto at Betty's, which is going to be the place to be for the Dutch fans to watch their team play.

And despite everything Catherine is still very lucky ;)

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