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Saturday June 10, 2006
I decided to participate in a race again. I had been 2 years since the last time I pinned a number on my chest. Nevertheless I never considered it really to be a race, just another way to do a long run. And it was different since I took place in one of the races of the 5 peaks series. This race was a 12.7k trail run at Rattlesnake point which is relatively close to our home so a nice way for me to discover the neighborhood. So the first mile I ran 3 minutes slower than normal. I knew that I still had a lot of uphills and downhills ahead of me and I hadn't run that far yet this season. And it would go uphill. One stretch consisted only boulders and I changed my goal from surviving to not getting an injury. Personally I don't think you can really have a race on that surface to be honest. I just took my time and simply walked up stepping from rock to rock. I can't imagine the fast people racing here. I decided to kiss the ground once but I finished not injured so I can't complain even though there were a lot more people that finished ahead of me than who passed the finish line after me.

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