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Saturday June 17, 2006
I haven't mentioned anything about playing soccer this year. I decided to retire from the soccer team at work. It became a drag to get to the game and everybody was quite competitve while most forgot that we were all carrying beer bellys and that nobody else really cared how we did. That started to annoy me. I looked around for another league and decided to sign up for a league in Burlington. I got on the waiting list and last week I got a phone call asking me if I was still interested. Of course I was and yesterday I played my first match. The league is the Burlington Senior Recreational League (yes, Catherine got a laugh out of that when she heard about the Senior part. Let me remind her that she is older than me...). The objective of the league is to have a fun and friendly league. And what can be better than kicking a ball around on a Friday Summer evening. It was fun to play again and being the youngest one on the team, I didn't even looked too bad ;) The only problem is that I run on Saturday morning and let me tell you that when I got up this morning, it felt that I had already run those 12.8k that was scheduled for today. And did I mention that it was also humid today. I don't need to say that I took it easy and still completed those 8 miles

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