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Sunday June 4, 2006
I haven't mentioned a whole lot about the pregnancy. Fortunately there are good reasons for it: everything is going pretty smoothly. As the family doctor said "it's a very uneventful pregnancy". Catherine is doing well. The belly is growing and growing and of course there are some discomforts but nothing really stands out. She hasn't sent me out in the middle of the night to get some strange food. The baby room is probably for about 80 per cent done. The crib and the change table have been assembled and there only a few paint touch-ups. There still needs to be a chair rail installed and the blinds. But time is going fast and normally (we hope) it will be only about 9-11 weeks till the 2 of us become the 3 of us.

This week we had our first course. Now we know what Catherine should have eaten and what she should or should not have done :P There are still 5 courses left. Perhaps the most interesting was to see the other mothers. Most came with their partners, some were alone, one came with her niece (no, not cousin..) and one with her dad.

Then today we had the baby shower. I am not going to even mention what we got but as you can see from the picture it was a lot. It might surprise the people who were there that we got everything home in only 1 ride. Of course I was not allowed to attend which is bad in some way since I was hoping to talk with some people but on the other side, a house with full of women...

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