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How Dutch is Oakville?
Found some interesting facts in one of the local newspapers here in Oakville. It's not a surprise that Italian is the biggest non-official language here in town (4,800 speak it) and that Portuguese is second (3,945). I was however a little bit surprised that out of the 144,000 people here, 1,090 people know Dutch. That's more than Ukrainian (735), Serbian (660), Russian (535), Greek (520), Romanian (320) and Turkish (220). And technically one should add Flemish (45) to the list since that is just a dialect of Dutch. It's what I have said before. There are plenty of Dutch people around. They are just difficult to find.

It would be interesting to see the numbers in the city next door, Burlington, since there are quite a lot of stores with Dutch owners. It might be the most Dutch city in the GTA.

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