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Saturday July 15, 2006
Maybe I am just getting to old for this and that despite the fact that I am the youngest player on the team. Anyway, in yesterday's game, after about 15 minutes, I either twisted my ankle or just kicked into the ground. I am not too sure since the opponents were in the middle of the attack. My ankle hurted but I thought I could walk it out and played for another 5 minutes. But after a sprint, I realised it was just too much so I went off, still thinking I could return later. Unfortunately my ankle started to get bigger and bigger and there was no chance that I could go back in. That sucked especially since Catherine and her brother and his family attended the game for the first time. On Saturday my ankle was still hurting. In fact, even more than the evening before so when Catherine mentioned that we might be able to get crutches at a walk-in clinic, I gave in. Turns out that I not only twisted my ankle but that I also had a small fracture just under my ankle :( So now I am walking around in a boot cast for the next 6 weeks. Oh joy.

So what does this mean:
* No driving for me since the boot is on my right foot. Fortunately when worst comes to worst (think of baby delivery), I could take the boot off.
* No soccer or running.
* Getting up earlier since I can't walk as fast so it takes me longer to get to the GO train and work.
* I look more dorky with that cast on my foot. Even more....
* Instead of me looking after the lady, my lady needs to look more after me for some time.

On the positive side:
* I don't have to get up anymore on Saturday morning for running. Yeah, I do like running but now I have a good reason why I can stay in bed.
* I can wear shorts at work :)
* Finally I have a purpose for the pairs of socks of which I lost 1 sock of.

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