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Saturday August 19, 2006
The honeymoon is over. On Monday I have to return to work and my mother-in-law is back at her own home even though she is going to drop by next week for some time. So I lost one girl but I still have 2 at home.

Mariska had the 'eureka' moment yesterday at breast feeding clinic. Just when Catherine had told the lady that Mariska didn't want to latch on without the nipple shield, she proved her the opposite. So she made her mom look like a liar. I am so proud of her :) And fortunately for us, she didn't need the nipple shield ever since she got back from the clinic.

I took the opportunity today to do something that IT people don't do: making back-ups. Took a while before everything fitted on a DVD but I am done for another year or so. I also uploaded some new pictures of Mariska. Just look on the photoblog under 'Mariska at home'. There are also some pictures of the baby room. That room used to be the office:

but that office has now been moved the different room. Here is a picture of that with the new office furniture. Yes, Catherine and I don't have to fight for the monitor anymore. We both have our own work station:

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