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Sunday August 13, 2006
Time for an update. The last visit to the breast feeding clinic was a good one for our little one and for mommy. Catherine got a little sombrero and what they call a nipple shield. It basically extends the nipple when placed over one it does wonders for the breast feeding. She now sucks for 25 minutes and then we have to top up with a bottle so I can still feed her too :)

She hasn't been crying a lot but when she does she seems to save it for the last feeding of the day. So yesterday I was walking around for more than 1 hour while everybody else was trying to sleep. I better get used to this ;)

Having said this, it's hard to express my feelings in words every time I pick her up. It's still feels weird and strange but it still feels like a miracle. It's everything but normal and it's all good. It's hard to believe that such a little thing can create such an impact. It's impossible not to love her :)

And that despite all the poop and pee. She had me good yesterday. I was changing her diaper that was 'loaded' with both items. Once she was clean and I turned my back. When I turned back again, there was a nice big pool of pee. I cleaned her again and had to put the mat underneath her away. When I turned back again, there was a different pool. Poop this time. At this rate, you go through diapers really quickly. Three days ago she completely pooped over herself and of course she was already in her car seat to leave the house. And btw even girls can create a fountain....

Fortunately I am feeling better, my head ache finally seems to have disappeared. 'Only' took a week :( Unfortunately Catherine seems to have the flu now :( Oh joy... Luckily it's not a very severe version and she is not in bed but she can not avoid the baby. Not much you can do right now :(

My rash is slowly disappearing so that is good news. There are mainly some big spots left. The cream is working. The neighbours across the road thought I could not do to the lawn with my leg problems and yesterday they were mowing our lawn. A few days ago the lady even delivered a full dinner. It's nice to have some neighbours like them :)

I was talking to my mom yesterday and I mentioned that we have to feed every 3 hours and that includes during the night. She mentions to me that she never feed me during the night. I thought that this was a little weird and maybe she had forgotten some of the details of my first weeks. But then I found this piece of paper in my baby photo book:

It is in Dutch and it was given to my parents when I left the hospital after my birth. Now take a look at the line of where it says 'Uren' (Hours). This line tells you when my parents were supposed to feed me the bottle (it was just the thing to do back then). You can see that they pumped me full during the day and that the first feed of the day took place at 7 AM and the last one at 10 PM. So I never got the breast and never a midnight snack. Things change...

BTW That paper also mentions my weight at birth and it's EXACTLY the same as Mariska's plus both of us were born on Friday :)

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