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Sunday August 27, 2006
Time for a Mariska update :)

In short: so far, so good. She definitely has been growing. That is very obvious. We even noticed that when we gave her a bath today and she gets a bath very regularly. So it is not a surprise when I tell you that she has been eating very well. Sometimes she keeps on going for an hour.

So far she has also been great during the night which is important for me :) We used to wake her up for a feeding but the nurse who dropped by this week, told us to keep her sleeping as long she eats enough during the day. Now she sleeps 5-6 hours during the night much to the envy of some of my colleagues. They even asked me for our phone number so they can wake us up so we would have the same experience as them with their babies :p Of course we don't assume that this is going to be normal and that things won't change. Far from that. We will have plenty of nights where she keeps us awake but for now we just enjoy the moment. (of course she will probably keep us awake tonight...)

This weekend it also has been 6 weeks since I injured the ankle and that means no cast for me anymore. The foot itself feels a little bit sore but tomorrow I will be wearing long pants again to work. No more shorts and given the weather (what's up with that?) that might be a good thing.

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