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Sunday August 6, 2006
My two girls are doing fine. Catherine is now walking around without too much trouble even though she can't walk too far. Mariska had her first real good long breast feeding session today. She is also making sure that her diapers gets filled and daddy has been helping out with the clean-up. I guess cleaning the cat litter box for 4 months has strenghten my system :p Mariska still has a little bit of jaundice but so far it's not bad enough so that she needs go under the lights. The nurses have also been surprised how alert she is. I have been surprised myself about how much she looks around.

In way we have gotten into the rhythm of cleaning-feeding-pumping-sleeping which is kinda nice. We have really become parents. The first question I ask when I see Catherine is how the breast feeding went and how well the diapers are being filled. It's amazing how fast that transition went.

If everything goes well, both ladies will be spending their last night in the hospital tonight.

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