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Wednesday August 9, 2006

Today was doctor's day at the Braekens. Miss Mariska first went to a family doctor for some regular checks (and arranging that was not easy since our regular family doctor was on vacation). In the afternoon she went to the breast feeding clinic. Since she got home she hadn't had a good breast feeding session. She latches on, sucks twice and then stops which was of course frustrating for Catherine. She also hadn't been pooping for 2 days. Yes, our lives are all about Mariska's pooping, peeing, and feeding habits and yesterday was not a good day also because she cried a big part of the afternoon. They have told us to increase the amount of pumped breast milk and feed her by bottle every 3 hours. On Friday she has to go back to the clinic and then probably normal breast feeding will resume.

I also went to the walk-in clinic for myself. Since Monday I have been feeling lousy. Headaches, fever and some muscle pain. On top of that I also have a rash on my shin. I guess fatherhood is taking its toll. So the last 2 days I tried to stay away from Mariska and of course that's not easy for a new daddy. Anyway, the dermatologist says that the rash is the result of an allergy and it could be that the head aches and the other stuff are a side effect of the allergy or it could be just a flu. We don't what caused it. The best bet is that I leaned to the birthing bed last week but he said that it could take 3-4 weeks between the moment of contact and the appearance of the rash. Nevertheless he told me that I can touch the baby :)

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