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Friday October 13, 2006
I have been quiet here so it's time for an update.

First things first. Mariska is doing great. She is still sleeping through the night. She does demand some attention in the evening. We normally put her down at around 8-8:30 and she tends to wake up at 9:30-10. At that point we need to rock her and sometimes feed her but once she is out, she is out for the night. So no complains. She also received her first immunizations and last week she met her great-grandmother and great-grandfather for the first time.

Besides our time with Mariska, not much has been happening. My soccer season is over. Not that I played since my ankle 'incident' but last week my team got eliminated in the semi-finals so there is only the banquet left. I did sign-up for the indoor league but I am on the waiting list for now. So I haven't played any soccer but this week I returned to the gym for the first time. The ankle does feel very pretty good overall. Definitely much better than when the cast went off. The YMCA has also expanded and their are not machines which have the TV built in. Hey, that's convenient :)

I also bought a new gadget namely the Hauppauge MediaMVP. Now I can watch easily on our TV the shows that I taped on my computer. I did have some problems with setting things up since I wanted to use it in an abnormal configuration where I would link up my laptop straight to the MediaMVP with a cross-over cable. But fortunately somebody on a forum was able to help me since I was getting frustrated. I like having the PVR software on my computer. I tape the shows there and I also have some software that helps me with removing the commercials which is great with movies since that's the main reason why I don't watch movies on the TV. Too many commercials.

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