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Friday December 9, 2006
I haven't been hungry for the past 3 days. It's christmas lunch and christmas lunch after christmas lunch. Well, technically some of those lunches were farewell lunches but that's a detail. It's been a lot of fun but I really starting to feel very fat.

Work has been good. Our group even won a group award. It's my first in 10 years. Personally I have never given a lot of value to these awards since I believe that visibility is more important than performance. Plus I have worked for managers who were not even interested putting any effort in writing a nomination. In other words: I have been in projects where I have worked a lot harder than the past year with no awards. Nevertheless it's nice to finally get one. It comes with some points which has a value of about 100 dollars plus a plaque. Plus I got to shake the hand of some executives and a free breakfast. Not sure which of 2 is more important to me ;)

Work has been good overall. The Basel project is over the 'hump' and more and more people are leaving but I have been asked to stay on till the end. I guess I will be one of the last men standing. This week we were also told us the height of the bonus and although we 'only' hit target (I guess making more than 1 billion profit more than last year is not that great...), the base had significantly been increased making a lot of people very happy including me and Catherine. On top of that I also got a salary increase so I am not complaining. Especially since it's only 1 week till I am off for a long time :)

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