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Monday December 4, 2006
Things are well over here. Mariska has been great. She has become a lot more alert and she is becoming more and more like a human being. She can now really follow you when you are walking around in the room. It's a lot of fun. I love my 2 girls :)

Most people say that Mariska looks the most like her mother. Well last week she proved that she also has something from me: after she farted, a big smile appeared on her face :)

We are counting down the days. Next Friday my parents and my brother will be arriving from the Netherlands. Of course they are very anxious to see their first grand child and I am anxious to see them. It will also be the start of a long break from work. I am combining some vacation days with a parental leave and as a result I will off work for more than 5 weeks. You gotta like that.

On a side note: there is snow on the ground. Not too much, but the first snow has arrived in Oakville.

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