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Thursday December 7, 2006
So I recently switched web host providers but I still had to close my old account with "Hosted Today". I was wondering, before I started the process, how difficult this was going to be. Their support had always been pretty fast but this was not support.

So I send an e-mail. No response. Another e-mail. No response. A 3rd e-mail. No response. Time for a fax. No response. Okay till so far I had been really polite despite that I was already charged for the next month. It was only 6 dollars so not a huge deal but still. Time to become a pain in the butt.

Fortunately we can send an e-mail through the Internet at work so it doesn't cost me anything. So I send a fax. 5 minutes later another one. 5 minutes later another one. 5 minutes later another. 5 minutes later another one. But now I get an error message. Saying that somebody had first answered the phone and when the program retried to send the fax again, nobody picked up the phone. So I quickly checked my personal e-mail addresses and there it was: "Your account with Hosted Today has been cancelled."

It's a shame that sometimes you have to become a pain in the butt to get things accomplished but I had been nice and given them plenty of time. But my account has now officially been closed with them.

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