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Friday January 5, 2007
There is a new pot light above the sink, 2 timers in the washrooms, new storage systems in the laundry room and the garage and many other things have been fixed. Yes, my dad and my brother have been busy but unfortunately today it was theirs and my mom's last day here. They are going back to the Netherlands. It's always a difficult and emotional moment for everybody including myself but that's the way it is and there is not much we can do about it. It was nice to have them over for such a long time especially since Catherine and I were both at home the whole time. Hopefully we will see them again a in couple of months.

I have received my new passport this week and it has Mariska in it, so Mariska is now also officially Dutch. Becoming Canadian is of course not a problem for her so she has achieved what I haven't been able to do yet: becoming dual citizen. According to the current rules I need to be married for 3 years to a Canadian before the Dutch government allows me to become dual citizen. I guess I only have to nice to Catherine for only 15 months... ;)

In other news, I ordered new glasses. I went back to Lenscrafters since my current pair from Hakim weren't that great to say the least. I got some 'nice' irritation on my nose and on the sides on my face plus the coating on one of the glasses is half gone by now. I only have them 2 years. I got a nice surprise at Lenscrafters. They offer a discount to CAA members and that discount is pretty big. So big that the discount alone was way more than the cost of the CAA membership: 184 dollars. Now that alone makes it worth it to become a CAA member. To be honest, since we have a reasonable good health insurance through work and since I can use Catherine account for her unused glasses allowance, the glasses are probably not going to cost me anything anyway :)

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