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Tuesday January 23, 2007
All things have to come to an end. Today it's my first day back at work and therefore it means the end of being off for more than 5 weeks. Yes, no more sleeping in. No more a late and long breakfast. No more lying in bed with Mariska on a workday.

It has been fun though. Very very relaxing. I did get somethings accomplished in the past 5 weeks. I am almost done working on my photo book (and no, it's not special. You can do it too. More about it once I have the copy in my hands), I got new glasses, shoes and clothes. I got a new look for awhile when I shaved my goatee (no, there are no pictures and it has grown back). Things I didn't do: going to the gym (yes, I gained even more weight) and watching a lot of TV.

Things I didn't look forward to: the commute and hearing people being worked up over little things.

Like I said it was to have so much time together with the 3 of us. I think I am ready for retirement. Only 30 years to go!!!!!

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