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Friday February 2, 2007
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was working on a book and today I have received a copy :) I also said it was nothing special since you can do it too. I created a photo book through Blurb gives you some software and then you have to put the book together. I used it to create a photo book:

Overall I am happy with the results. The pictures on the cover look reddish but the pictures inside are pretty sharp. The software itself is not completely there yet and it could use some fine tuning. For instance some pages look a little bit sloppy to me but it was more the result of the software instead of me...really.

The costs were relatively low. The book itself, 80 pages, was 35 U$ which I don't think was bad at all. Shipping was quite expensive in my opinion: 15 U$. But hey, it looks like I will be using them more.

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