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Thursday March 8 - Sunday March 18
Normally an event that happens when you are half my age but I went down to Florida for March Break for the first time. Catherine's brother had rented an apartment for his family and mom for 2 weeks and there was space for us in their last week so we decided to drive down to Orlando.

Having Mariska with us meant that we were going to take our time driving down. 2,5 days to be precise and to be honest, Mariska probably behaved better than I did with my brother when we were kids and drove to Austria. She would only complain when she was hungry so basically not something out of the ordinary. For the rest she was sleeping, looking out of the window or playing with her toys.

So after sleep-over stops in Washington, PA and Columbia, SC we arrived in our resort called Orange Lake, located right next to Disney World. From our balcony we were even able to see the firework shows in the evening. However, the only place in the world of Disney that we visited was Downtown Disney. Catherine and I have both visited Disney World before and Mariska is too young to a) enjoy it and b) to miss her naps during the day.

So we just took it easy. Catherine went golfing twice and we both spent some time at the 'river island' part of the resort: a pool area with a lazy river and slides. We also saw 'La Nouba', a Cirque du Soleil show which was very nice. I walked around the resort regularly and still gained weight (those pesky peanut butter M&M's -why can't I resist you).

So on Friday we started our drive back again. From the warmth (25 degrees, sunshine and no humidity) to cold Oakville. However, spring is in the air. It has to be.

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